Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Me! Oh My! I Just Might Cry (or pee in my pants ;)!!!!

In case you didn't know - I love to eat. I love to cook. And, I love fresh, seasonal, local, organic, sustainable, wholesome, fun, delicious, beautiful food :)

I'm a passionate organic foodie dork who gets SO excited about supporting local family-run organic farms :)

This is worthy of a jump, a shout, and a big crazy tail wag!!!! Ohmygoodness! Guess what I just discovered right here in San Diego??!!! - 

Garden of Eden Organics CSA

Check out their website to find out more information:

A quick synopsis:

Who They (Garden of Eden) Are

Garden of Eden is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for San Diego and other southern California regions. By joining our CSA for a weekly delivery of seasonal, fresh, certified-organic and chemical- and pesticide-free produce, you not only get the freshest, best-tasting produce, you know that you are supporting local California growers.

About Their CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way for the consumer to become directly involved with farmers by supporting the sustenance and operation of their farms. GOE Organic CSA membership can be monthly, quarterly or annually with a minimum twelve-week commitment. Each week we deliver an ever-changing, seasonal variety of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables to several central locations around the area.
Garden of Eden is different from a tradtional, one-farm CSA. We are a co-op of 13 small farms, which for our members means variety. This is one of the most important distinctions of our program. Owners Paul and Jennifer Trejo are always looking for something new to keep the program fresh and exciting.

Enjoy :)

Cheers and hugs to beautiful, healthy, organic food happiness!!!

Tea Time

Oops! Missed a day. Oh well. Guess a little Sofia Grace, Rosie, and Taylor Swift will just have to do:

Now, if those two little girls and Taylor Swift (all having tea time together) don't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Cuteness


I know that I hadn't written in this blog for quite awhile, and then BAM! I randomly come back with this complaining fast that I recently started and begin writing again everyday....

There's no real rhyme or reason, I guess it's a 'just because' thing. I realize I'm not required to explain myself, yet I feel compelled to at times. Not sure why. The need to defend myself? Perhaps. Or, too worried about misperception on the reader's end? Possibly. (Sounds like pride, actually, but let me go on). I find it rather funny that I so quickly and simply decided to start writing again, yet how soon it turned into a 'formula' where I, for the most part, have to critically and strategically think about the content and fluidity of what I'm writing. Quite silly if you ask me. I'm quite silly. One, for thinking this way. And, two, well, I'm just silly silly, as in goofy silly, ha ;) 

But, anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. . . I'm curious why I often sense a nonverbalized pressure to say or do the 'right' thing? And, I'm not talking about moral issues here. I find that if I don't fit into that mold (that either I or society has created), then that leads to (or has the potential to lead to) disappointment, changed perception, or goodness forbid, a lost fb friend ;) (over-thinking? most likely)....

Quite frankly, if I love to write, then gosh darnit, I just want to write. And, write freely, not giving too much thought to how I or my writing is being perceived. Some days, I will think long and hard about what I want to write. Other days, I will....not. I'll be deep, serious, and thought provoking sometimes. And, silly, funny, and lighthearted at other times. I want to break that 'formula' that I so unfortunately have a tendency to create for myself. 

I guess (since I'm a chef :) I'll compare it to cooking - I love being in a kitchen, whipping up a new, fun, (hopefully) tasty meal. I may be bold and frequently try new ingredients, herbs, spices, and techniques. There's no guarantee that my creation will come out with 5 stars every time, yet it doesn't stop me from continuing to do what I love to do. And, with more time and practice, I will eventually get the hang of the art of cooking. So it is with writing. It's a hobby, one of my many hobbies. Fills me up and is a great release. I enjoy doing it and hope to never quit just because it can be a little intimidating at times and bring up a few billy nilly insecurities. 

So....with that, I am not apologizing for this post or the following randomness. It's a rather adorable song sung by a little girl to her hedgehog, and it made me smile. So, there. Watch, listen, smile, and be blessed. 

CHEERS!!! Here's to the freedom to be YOU and random, if you so desire :)


Galations 5:1 "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened by a yoke of slavery."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not too high on life?

Feel like this occasionally?

Or this:

Or this:

Do you roll your eyes at the following?

Just can't seem to nip it (complaining) in the 'butt'??

Then, perhaps we should reconsider...

Punishment for grumbler??

Oh, I sure hope NOT! Ha! :)

Night y'all!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Music to Their Ears

Day 3. So far so good :)

Thanks to the influence of American Idol and Southern Belles, I am in the process of reshaping my habits to combat the complaining temptation with the following responses:

*Note: The examples are (for the most part....) hypothetical situations ;)

1.) A song - in an unfortunate situation that is provoking the complaining bug, just take your usual, instinctive reaction, completely flip flop the words and sing your response. Eg., after barely tipping over a wine glass and having it shatter all over the counter, learn to bite your tongue, release, and sing "Oh, soft fluffy baaaaaallssss of warm fuzziness. I loooooo-uh-uh-uh-ve when I so gracefully bump breakable things with my loving touch, for this teaches meeeee humilityyyyy and patience. Now, reeeeeest innnnnn peeeeeeace, dear broken glaaaass (fluctuating between alto, soprano, and tenor)." Sing as long as you need to, until feelings of complaining subside.    

2.) A sweet tone of voice - if someone tells you you're a big baby and uses a sarcastic, cutting tone of voice, then take one deep breath, and in the girliest most innocent voice ever, respond with - "Aw, I think I may be sensing some pent up stress there that you're accidentally taking out on this innocent bystander, muah. But, don't you worry, buttercup, no harsh feelings whatsoever. We all have our off days." And, then, for extra brownie points, throw in a wink ;) 

3.) A sugared phrase - "How adorable that a 21-year-old baby brother still wants his mommy to make his breakfast, scratch his back, and cuddle. Bless his sweeeeeeeeet little heart...."

4.) A nice smile accompanied with a batting of the eyes and a light giggle - soccer game or food network (in the slight off chance that you're possessing the clicker before the boys walk in the room)......."Yes, I have always wanted to bond with by bwuddahs over Everyday Italian. Oh, you're just going to LOVE Giada  :)" 

Sarcasm or not, these alternate responses really do have a positive effect on one's attitude, or at least they do for me (so in today, ha! :). They usually lead to a smile, laughter, and/or a light-hearted feeling. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure prefer these 'new,' spiced-up reactions. I'm looking forward to implementing them more in my life, until they become habit :)

Cheers to not complaining!


Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Official

Welp....There ya go. It's officially official. Nothing like a purple silicone wristband to lock this fun, minute 'agreement' in stone, right??!! 

So, apparently, word spreads quickly (thanks to present day technology....oh, and lovely mothers with lovely mouths who like to keep their husbands in the loop ;), and my Dad found out about my 40-day (or 31 day;) complaining fast.

He, being the super star encourager and supporter that he is (oh, and not to mention benefiting firsthand from my li'l + grumble-free experimenter = happy happy joy joy :), returned from work today with "A Complaint Free" bracelet for me. Yes, how thoughtful.

Haha, oh Daddy. Thank you ever so much for your gift. Quite frankly, I LOVE it! Purple is so my color and we all know how much I love silicone, woot woot! 

Day 2. And, I already have a new accessory for my fashionable wardrobe and two parents who are onboard with one of my ideas. Now, I could get use to this ;) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And, She's Off!

verb (used without object)
To express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault.

Philippians 2:14 ~ Do everything without complaining or arguing.

Lent is 40 days. I know. You're point being.....? Forty minus 31 allows nine days wiggle room of potential complaining. Ugh, maybe I shouldn't be so pessimistic, but then again, it is me, Ali Wright, we're talking about here. One complaint-free afternoon is difficult enough, let alone 31 days! What was I thinking?!!! 

How it all went down:

Driving today, a thought (or string of thoughts, rather....okay, a full on convo with myself) popped into my head. Complaining. So unattractive. And, why do most people have to be professionals?! So annoying to be around! 

Not so fast, oh mature, wise one! I believe what you're doing right now is considered complaining....


You're right. I am quite the well seasoned complainer, aren't I?

Well, up for a li'l challenge? How about taking a break (just for a bit...a rest, if you will) from the good ol' act of grumblin'? It is Lent, ya know?

I guess it can't hurt, right?? For starters, I like a little competition. Second, it reminds me of a research study...on myself (should be interesting to see the effects, positive, hopefully). And, oh yeah, can't forget the most important - it will force me to be completely and utterly dependent on You, God, if I am to follow through with this 'fun' challenge :)

So, there you have it. I'm participating (or, at least attempting to participate) in Lent this year. Not for legalistic reasons. Or even religious reasons. It just so happened that it began yesterday, and I just kinda feel like taking a break from complaining. That's all. Nothing huge. Just a simple heart cleansing detox. Not sure if it's a good idea to share with the public like this, but whatever. It will be good for accountability reasons, right?! I mean, how hard can this be? I can not eat sugar for three weeks, and purely, this is the same thing.....God, You love my pride, don't You?! And, my facetious sarcasm. Oh peas louise. Off to a good start......Start over. To be honest, this shouldn't be a bigger deal than this post is making it out to be. Simply put, I want to take a break from complaining, and I miss writing, so why not write about a potentially....humorous? impossible? for sure challenging, feat?! ;)  

Anyway, day one. Over. Who said I followed through today without complaining?? Haha, oh boy, this sure is going to be fun(ny). And, besides, complaining is relative, right?! Or, at least in the ear of the beholder?.....Just don't tell anyone about my li'l challenge. That way my failed attempts can remain between You and me. Oh, boy, just think of how that'll look if my family finds out! Or my friends!! I'm....I'm.....not hopeless. Just a widdle girl wanting to try a complaint-free couple weeks....days....hours...moments. Good thing it's the 'moments' and 'little things' (or steps) in life that are worth noticing and being grateful for, right?! :)

Cheers! Now go eat, drink, and be merry without that complainin' ;)

Okay, God, but for reals now. I do want to try the whole 'no complaining' thing. But, we both know it can NOT be done without Your Grace, Your Power, Your very Life flowing through me! So, with that, I invite You to be my 'Grumble-Free is the Way to Be' Desire and Execution throughout this time. Thank You :)