Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairy Tale

Hi God :)

I'm in a story-telling sorta mood. K, so here I go...

Once upon a day, there was this ambitious, silly girl (let's call her Daisy) who lived in New York City. Desiring to set the record straight among her many acquaintances and friends as far as being regarded as 'the sweet girl who was/is kind to everyone and wouldn't hurt a fly,' Daisy set out to do just that (unintentionally) on a particular weekday in the month of May. Oh, to begin with, she thinks flies are gross, wants to kick dirty pigeons, and city squirrels....can't even mention what she thinks of those!! So, if this wasn't enough to dispel that high-pedestal belief, don't worry! We haven't even touched the good part! 

K, as mentioned just a second ago, Daisy had quite the day (or episode, rather) on this sunny Thursday. In the morning, she had training (to be a server) at the Hummus Place on the Upper West Side. It was pretty exciting, learning the ins, outs, ups, downs of serving customers at a restaurant. Daisy likes numbers too, so that's good because this job will require lots of math. While an overall fun time, she did get dizzy...lots of twirling about the tiny hole-in-the-wall of a place. Whatev. That's beside the point...after a delicious meal of homemade hummus and roasted eggplant and cucumber, tomato salad and mint lemonade, Daisy and her full tummy took a lovely stroll through the grand Central Park. Then, continued her journey downward along 6th Ave, made a grocery stop at the over-crowded-but-nice-low-prices Trader Joe's, and eventually to her apartment in the funky cool East Village. The second she made the loooong walk home, she received a courteous text message from her internship boss: 'sure. come on by.' it read. Whew, she was kinda pooped as it was, buuuut what the heck, another 6 hour shift of work (in the kitchen, nonetheless) was calling her name (not really, but she really wanted to knock out interning hours for her culinary program).....Gee this sure does sound like a girl named Ali Wright who also lives in NYC, but I the narrator assure you, not the same girl (for privacy reasons or somethin' like that...). 

Aaaanyway, back the this overly exciting story. K, so Daisy was on a roll with the ol' walking the streets of Manhattan, what's a half hour more of walking?? Onward down to Tribeca to the kitchen where she gets some pretty darn great culinary experience. She had a FABulous time. Tiredness fluttered away. Kitchen packed full of multi-lingual testosterone, delicious smells, and fun times = good night :) Daisy and her boys had a grand time throughout restaurant service, preparing beautiful delicious dishes for the many guests above in the dining room. Ah, night well spent. Leaving the restaurant after 11:30pm, a wave of tiredness kicked in, although a smile rested on that worker bee's face. Being the good little girl that she is (by listening to her mommy and daddy), Daisy was hoping to flag down a taxi to ride home since it was late at night and this is NYC we're talking about. She had to weave in and out of a few streets in SoHo before finally being able to hail a cab. 

(Ok, from here on out, the plot thickens and reaches climaxe and everything happens very quickly, so hold on tight...oh, and p.s. don't judge...the girl I mean. Judge the cab driver all you want. Jk! But, not really! :) Good. Got one (a cab that is)! Hopped in. Taxi driver didn't say a word. No biggy. Whatev. 'East Village, please.' Still no word. Bumpy ride. Takes 4 minutes. Pull in front of Daisy's apt. Needs to pay. Swipes card. Nothing happens. Swipe again. Nothing. 'Um...did it go through??' asked Daisy, in her kind, sweet voice. Thick accent answers, 'No. Receipt didn't print. Did not go through.' Okay. Um...swipe again. Still nothing. Now, according to Daisy and her 'special' brain (aka horrible memory), exact convo leading up to exiting the taxi is not exactly remembered. She tried her best to remember. She tries another credit card. Doesn't go through. 'Sir, I think your machine is broken.' Taxi driver, 'No! It's your card. I drive people all day long and they all work.' Finally, debit card goes through (Thank You Lord!!). Taxi Driver, 'See!! It's your card!' Daisy, 'Okay. But, Sir, you could have been a little nicer about it.' Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. Taxi driver turns to Daisy, 'F**k you, stupid girl!! Eff you, little b***!! D**n you!!' Ohmygoodness!! Daisy, is just a sweet little girl from the suburbs and usually uses words such as 'poop' and 'golly' and 'goodness,' so hearing those vulgar expletives coming out of his mouth and directed at her nonetheless, she got a little rosy around the edges. Actually, she was ruffled, every feather on her body was sticking on end. She was mad. How dare that cab driver say those absolutely horrible things. She even tipped him a nice tip. She jumped out of that cab, looked at the driver and said in a (I'm sorry, this tone wasn't as sweet as normal) firm, frazzled, upset tone, 'Well, well, GOD BLESS YOU!!!' (Slam!) Slammed the door and stormed off. Daisy was SOOO ticked off. It surprised even her! She flew up her five flights of stairs trying to fight back tears. She felt violated. She thought horrible thoughts. She was so mad at that darn old taxi driver. Didn't have one ounce of forgiveness or compassion or love for the guy!!! 

Oh, Jesus, I hate him!! I feel like hitting him!! Why did you allow such a bad thing to happen!! I have never been so mad, I don't think!! Wow! This flesh life of mine is beautiful, isn't it!! I'm not surprised to tell you the truth. Not surprised at all by my reaction. Of course I got offended and am upset and want to hurt something (mostly him!). This is a tough-as-nails city. And, without YOUR holy powerful Life in control and flowing freely through me, my flesh life wins! And, boy is it ugly!!!! Soften my heart...Jesus, I don't like that taxi driver at all!! But, You Jesus, You love Him. Ouch! Father, bless him. Bless him. Bless him. Touch him with Your Love and Your Grace. He desperately needs You. And, apparently, SO DO I!!! Bed time.

See. Daisy, a seemingly sweet kind girl, is just like every other human. Yet, she serves one heck of a God :)

The End.