Monday, September 19, 2011

You Did What?!?!

It's been too long, I know. This time around, it was my conscience that drove me to write.

God, confession time.

Mom, I'm sorry. I figured you would forgive me. In fact, you're the reason I did what I did. Anyway, here's how it all went down:

Last Friday night (no, I didn't start singing the lyrics to Katy Perry's hit song), I served at my classmate's Friday Night Dinner (crazy busy but a total blast, btw :).

Toward the end of the evening, just before dessert was served, I was clearing a woman's plate from the table. She stopped me and pointed at the bracelet I was wearing - not just any bracelet, mind you, but the very first bracelet that my very own mother (that's you, Mom) designed and created for me. Special piece of jewelry. Pearls, 'HOPE', and a cross and heart charm were the bracelet's dominate attributes that I most admired.

Anyway, this woman (gosh darnit, I'm forgetting her name....Sylvia. No...Janet. No. Man, why can't I remember a stinkin' name?!! Dad, your Lumosity Brain exercises are taking their sweet precious time to kick in!! Oh, wait! Fran. That sounds vaguely familiar...regardless if it's the woman's name or not, we're sticking with Fran....) comments on the piece of sterling silver - plus a few pearls and charms - and wants to know where I got it. "My Mom made it. She makes jewelry," was my overly intelligent response. Fran was shocked! She wanted to know how/where she could get one just like mine. How much would it cost. When she could get it. Etc. Um....I had to excuse myself. Had to clear a dish....

Okay God, for some reason, at that moment, I felt like I needed to (or more wanted to, rather) give this Fran woman my bracelet. . . Returning to her table with the jewelry in my hand, I slipped the bracelet into her palm. I had given Fran my very first bracelet that my Mama had given to me. Right as I gave it to her, she noticed the little cross charm. "Oh, but, I'm Jewish...I can't wear a cross..." Badoom shing.... She was Jewish. But, of course. Hence why I felt so compelled to give her my 'Hope' bracelet with a cross. It didn't seem to bother her too much. She said she could 'hide' the cross. I told her she could explain to her Jewish friends that a sweet li'l Christian girl gave her the bracelet :) Anyway...

Mom, so that's how the story goes. I gave my bracelet away. Happy Fran. Sad Ali (not really). But, naked wrist. Okay, okay, before you go on gettin' all mad at me and stuff (using this for story sake onl), everyone knows you would be the last person on planet earth to be upset over such a minuscule thing as this. In fact, you've often initiated such generous acts of kindness :), just think: A Jewish woman (who fell in love with a Jesus bracelet you made) is now wearing it on her wrist. Oh, I forgot to mention that this woman Fran told me that she has copious amounts of jewelry (including many pieces from Tiffany's and an $800 watch), yet she was absolutely googoo gaga over YOUR humble and simple yet elegant and classy bracelet. I thought that was cool :)

Yep, I'm guilty as charged. I gave my bracelet to a Jewish woman....

That's that.

Cheers to life and silly stories  :)