Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Because

Hi Daddy.

No, I didn't write 51 things I love about you on your birthday.

And, no, I didn't sing you a rappin' rhyme for Father's Day.

I'm sorry.

Does this make me a horrible daughter???

You'll get over it I presume :)

So, the reason for this blog post???

Just Because.

Just because I felt like it.

Just because you're pretty darn like to surf and you don't have gray hair....yet, at least ;)

Just because you're that time you thought that Andy Warhol statue was a real person.

Just because you're'll watch "Bachelor" and "So You Think You Can Dance" with Mama.

Just because you have sophisticated like bitter dark beers on tap and pink fro yo with sprinkles.

Just because you're mega smart....."The retracting neurochemical heightened responses overstimulated the oral cavity perpendicular to the transmembrane cranial sacrel yada yada yad. Capeesh?!"

Just because you're the time you tried to fit all your bulky luggage through the Metro turnstile and...and....and....I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!! bahhahahahaha!!!

Just because your laugh is contagious.....once you begin, there ain't no stoppin'! vicious cycle!!

Just because you're the world's best dad....this one doesn't need explaining. it's a given :)

Just because you're passionate.....about that one time your silly, non-thinker daughter told you the outcome of a big-time soccer game before you had the chance to watch it....which leads me to

Just because you're full of humility....Jesus' grace!

Just because you love Jesus with such a deep, wide intense're one of the only human beings that makes me cry when you say the name Jesus.

Just because you're a gift....from God!

Just because I'm soooooo beyond blessed and grateful to have YOU as my Daddy!

Just because I LOVE YOU!

Just because.

Do I really need a reason???

Dad. Not many people can say that word and truly mean it. I can.

I miss you and love you to San Diego and back!!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet as Pooh

Hi God :) I know I know, it's been waaaay tooo loooooong. But, anyway, here I am, writing more silly occurrences of my grand dramatic life....Ha!.....

K, so it went something like this ~

'Pedro' (name change for privacy reasons ;): "Ali, guess what?! I've been saying 'poop' like you told me to!!" 
He gives me a big ol' grin and a thumbs up.

Me: "You mean in exchange for the f-word?? Aw, Pedro! That's my boy!!"
Big grin and thumbs up in return.

You just never know when your sound, wise advice will rub off on those around you :)
Well, I know 'poop' probably isn't the best word replacement, but it's a start. 
Baby steps.

God, I love you! You're pretty great :D