Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Letter

My two cents for the day.

What do you do when your workout plans are cancelled due to a rare rain storm? Well, write a letter, of course.

It was a week ago from yesterday that I wrote a letter (remember that crazy rain we had?!). Now, I'm not going to go into details about the specifics and reasons and all that; however, I do feel compelled to share the impact that the act of writing that letter had on me.

Ever since moving back from the East Coast, I have felt prompted to write a letter to a certain someone in my life. Not sure why I put it off for so long, but the rain (or You, Lord :) finally led me to sit down and just write that thing! 

Ok, so the letter ended up being a little longer (10+ pages longer!) than I had planned on, but I just went with it. It became a raw, genuine expression of my love and admiration for this person, along with an apology, confrontation (in gentleness), truth, and thankfulness. Wow! What a release of freedom and healing I experienced. Truly! Not sure exactly how that worked, but I believe this physical act (of writing the letter) allowed for a softening of my heart and a work of the Holy Spirit.

My lesson?? How writing a letter can be so friggin' freeing! I also learned that I am only responsible for.....ME - my behavior and response in any situationI don't have control over any one else in life. In any relationship/friendship, I need to be honest and speak the truth in love; however, at the end of the day, my job is to focus on my role in the friendship/relationship and seek the lesson in every circumstance (ask, What, Lord, are You wanting to reveal to me right now?). Also, giving the letter to this person was a huge step out of my comfort zone (not AT ALL a fan of confrontation and potentially hurting someone!)! This was yet another lesson in boldness, courage, communication, and honesty (all surrounded by love and grace, of course:).

So, all this from the simple act of writing a letter, huh?! 

Yep :) 

Oh, life lessons. 



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  1. Boo I'm so proud of you! I hope the giving of the letter goes just as well as the writing. Love you :).